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Aleona Burakova

A Multifaceted Creative Visionary

Aleona Burakova emerges as a dynamic creative visionary, mastering various artistic mediums that enrich her profound journey of self-expression. With a distinguished background in psychology and art therapy, she channels her expertise into her captivating photography, illuminating a path of profound introspection and empathy.

Born and raised in the cultural tapestry of St. Petersburg, Aleona's education in philology and psychology forms the bedrock of her artistic endeavors. Drawing from her professional insights, she skillfully weaves the human experience into her art, making each photograph an emotional odyssey.

After traversing through the vibrant landscapes of Europe, India, Southeast Asia,  Tanzania, Japan Aleona found her sanctuary on the enchanting island of Bali, Indonesia. In the heart of Ubud, she established her own art studio, a creative haven that serves as the birthplace of her soul-stirring works.

For Aleona, art is more than just a pursuit; it is a way of life—a ceaseless source of purpose and joy. Her artistic process is fluid and instinctual, as she engages in a poignant dialogue with the world around her. The spontaneity of her approach unveils unexplored emotions, inviting viewers to venture into the depths of their own feelings.

As a psychotherapist, Aleona recognizes the profound therapeutic qualities of art. Like a skilled alchemist, she transforms emotions into evocative visual narratives, fostering connections that transcend cultural and societal barriers. Her art is not just an exploration of self but an invitation for others to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Each of Aleona's photographs resonates with the echoes of shared humanity, capturing the beauty in the mundane and the extraordinary. Her art transcends mere aesthetics, as she gracefully immortalizes fleeting moments infused with meaning and significance.

In a world where empathy often seems fleeting, Aleona's art beckons us to rekindle our understanding of one another. Her images are a testament to the strength of our shared human experience, inspiring us to embrace our vulnerabilities and celebrate our resilience.

Through her lens, Aleona Burakova reveals the essence of human existence—an eternal dance between joy and sorrow, growth and reflection. Her captivating artistry invites us to peer beyond the surface, connecting us with the emotions that bind us together as a

global community. In a world touched by her art, compassion reigns supreme, and the beauty of life finds new dimensions.


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