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Photo shooting in colaboration with Mari Nerome. Kyoto

In the midst of scorching weather, I had the privilege of meeting with Mari against the backdrop of Kyoto's picturesque scenery. Mari, hailing from the vibrant island of Okinawa, is a gifted artist renowned for her unique approach to painting kimono fabrics.

The exquisite silks she works on are nothing short of mesmerizing, much like the artist herself. Despite the relentless heat, we embarked on a filming journey determined to capture the essence of Mari's brilliance.

My primary aim during the shoot was to convey her radiant and one-of-a-kind persona, while also showcasing her artistic talent and inherent beauty. As we spent the day together, happiness and camaraderie filled the air, turning every moment into a cherished memory.

The outcome of our collaboration exceeded all expectations, resulting in a stunning portrayal of Mari's artistry and her captivating presence. I am profoundly grateful for this remarkable experience and extend my heartfelt appreciation to Marie for allowing me to be part of her world.

Here's to the enduring magic of art, beauty, and the joyous moments we shared during our unforgettable day in Kyoto.

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