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My Solo in Kyoto

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

"Unveiled: Exploring the Hidden Woman"

2 - 6 August 2023

My solo exhibition, "Unveiled: Exploring the Hidden Woman," recently graced the walls of Gallery G-77 in Kyoto, Japan, from August 2nd to August 6th, 2023.

Aleona Burakova Solo Exhibition

"Unveiled: Exploring the Hidden Woman"

​Welcome to exhibition, where we invite you to delve into a contemplative exploration of the human form. Our aim is not to shock or provoke, but rather to inspire introspection and understanding as you engage with the artworks. Each piece invites you to embark on a personal journey, drawing upon your own experiences, memories, and associations.

This exhibition showcases a collection of works created over the past five years, which delve into the beauty and vulnerability of the naked human body. While nudity is a recurring theme, these artworks extend far beyond mere eroticism. They delve into the profound psychological aspects of our existence.

Within this exhibition, you will encounter a diverse range of photographs featuring women. Some were taken during carefully orchestrated photo shoots, while others captured spontaneous moments. Each image reveals the unique characteristics and individuality of the models portrayed.

The photographer possesses a remarkable skill for capturing moments of unguarded authenticity. Even when posed, the models momentarily forget about the camera, allowing their true selves to shine through unexpectedly. It is important to note that the photographer's focus is not on objectifying the subjects as objects of desire but rather on capturing their essence as individuals. This approach is particularly vital when exploring the most vulnerable subject of nudity. For the photographer, the camera is a tool for research, allowing her to subtly comprehend the experiences of her models. Through delicate and nuanced dialogues, the artist reveals unforeseen facets of beauty.

The central theme woven throughout this exhibition revolves around femininity, female nature, and character. The artist finds great significance in celebrating diverse manifestations of beauty, embracing the aesthetics of the nude form, and fostering self-awareness through acceptance of the body. Additionally, the exploration delves into the emotions that arise during moments of transformation and self-discovery.

Allow us to share a quote from the artist herself: "My work, as both a psychologist and a photographer, demands an open mind and a heightened sense of empathy. I find glimpses of myself within each model, seeking to understand their unique essence and capture it through my lens. The camera, as an inherently honest tool, faithfully records crucial details and moments from my personal perspective. That is why, during a photoshoot, I strive to merge my identity with that of the model, aiming to truly comprehend her character. Consequently, I prefer to embrace natural effects, such as water on glass or reflections in mirrors, rather than relying on filters or software enhancements. This environment allows for genuine self-reflection."

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